Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Day in Pictures (and a few words...)

Hey dolls!

This is my dad while he was taping the walls to paint and our cats always jump up there and he was pretending to be a cat! This made me laugh so hard! No I do not know what's up with his socks!

Nothing like a little biology to put you to sleep!
I was reading about plants in case you were curious, and no it wasn't for fun; I have a test on Thursday and decided to read 2 out of the 3 chapters today.

Java literally jumped in my lap while I was reading some of the chapters for biology and scooted the book over. Well he didn't but he made me! He proceeded to sleep on my lap for quite a long time.

I decorated a boring notebook today, I got this great idea from Caro over at *Caroleena85*.
If you aren't already following her then I suggest you do! She has really good crafty ideas and cute outfits!




  1. That is such a cute notebook! I like how you decorated it :))

    This was a fun post! I love hearing about your days! I'm sorry about biology...I had to read a book for my english class today. good luck on your test!

    xo, gina

  2. Your notebook came out sooo good! I like the little gems...good job! Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog! :) I'm glad you found some inspiration!

    Good luck on your biology test! I used to love biology in High School! We did a lot of experiments on osmosis & diffusion :D

    The pic of your dad is just hilarious! He would make a terrific cat!!

    Java looks like he's really enjoying himself! Don't we just love our cats? ;)
    I really enjoyed reading this post! :)


  3. Hahaha at KP! I can just picture him doing that.

  4. The first picture made me laugh it reminds me of something my dad would do! xx

  5. Is that a shelf that your dad is sitting on? It looks so cute i'd love to have such a high shelf. Good luck with bio! I actually love it but i do find it very boring to leaarn about plants. ;)

  6. Oh, so cute cat and so lovely notebook for so lovely girl! Dad's photo is so funny!
    Good luck with bio!

    xo Ra

  7. @ Gina- Thanks, and biology isn't thattt bad!

    @ Caro- You're welcome! And thank you for giving me such good inspiration, although mine wasn't nearly as good!

    @ Lily- You know it!

    @ GoldenGlow - He had me cracking up!

    @ Natalia- Yeah it's a plant shelf, it's super high up! Like over 8 feet. And thank you, I like biology but, plant's are kind of boring!

    @ Ramona- Thanks and you should have seen the other photos I took of my dad up there. Hysterical!

    Thanks for commenting girls!



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