Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Time for the Monday Poll!

Hey fashionistas!
I was slacking on posting over the weekend and now I'm making up for it!

My friend Michaela from It's me, Michaela just did a post and mentioned how I hadn't put up my usual Monday poll!
Which I found hysterical because I was just about to do it(:
You guys should go check her blog out, she has really good posts about fashion, makeup, and life in general.

This is for you Michaela!

1. Mood:
Very good. I'm currently sipping on a Caremel Brulee latte from Starbucks and in a few I'm going to go make cutout cookies with my mom and sister.
2. What’s your favorite winter comfort food?
Hmm, I guess it would be soup; instant warmness!
Drink wise I love anything coffee or hot cocoa.
3. One small thing that always makes you happy?
I love when I wake up and start on my makeup and my mom comes home from dropping off my sister at school and brings me coffee/hot cocoa. Or when Java is all love-y in the morning!
4. Three beauty products that changed your life?
Geesh, this is a hard one.
1. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel. If I feel a pimple coming on I put this on before I got to bed and if I do wake up with a pimple it's not that bad and sometimes it stops it from happening.
2. Co. Bigelow lip glosses. So maybe this didn't "change my life" but I know that I couldn't live without them!
3. I love Physicians Formula's face makeup. I use a powder from them and I don't even have to use foundation.
5. Khaki cargo pants: fashionable or faux pas?
I think if you are a tall model then fashionable but, not everyone can rock those.
6. Favorite lip balm?
Lip balm, well I guess Carmex or I really like Aquafina chapsticks. I want to try the infamous Rose Bud Salve.
7. How do you sign off on your emails?
It depends on what type of email it is. To my best friend it put LYLASF (love you like a sister forever), if it's to a family member I put love, and if it's a business type of thing I put sincerely and thank you.
8. Your purse: messy or organized?
Organized! My mom mocks me because I have different pouches for different things. I have a makeup pouch, a emergency girl kit filled with odds and ends, and my wallet. My phone goes into the little phone pocket and a pack of gum/mints in the other pocket.
9. Today’s outfit?
Don't laugh but I'm chilling in some dark plum/purple VS Pink sweats, a black V-neck, a sweatshirt, and the slippers I showed in the previous post!
10. Weekly goals:
To enjoy my winter break, to work on my study guide for biology (that won't really happen until next week though, let's face it!), start and FINISH my permit book so I can take the test over break, and to work out at least 3 times!


Yes, really another Java picture. He's so sweet! Except at 4 in the morning when he feels the need to partayyy and play with the blinds in my room. Not so sweet then

That's all for now! Would it be over the top if I do another post later tonight?




  1. hahaha. my cats seem to feel the need to "party" too... all...night..long... *grr*

    Ps you need to try the rose bud salve! love it for nighttime!

  2. I love your monday polls! i may start doing them :) the hearts are cute at the end of this post, by the way!

    xo, gina


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