Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Outfit of the Yesterday 30/11/10

Hey dolls just a super, super quick post before my dad quizzes me for my biology test tomorrow! I'm so nervous about the test, it's 3 separate chapters, eeks!

I wore this to school yesterday.

Again sorry for the crappy phone pictures!

Ignore my sister's messiness in the background, we share a room. She's a slob but I love her!

Dress: Ross
Jacket: JCP
Shoes: Aerosoles (from Ross)
Bracelet: Local store, or New York and Company. I have two that look the same in different colors and they're from different stores.

It's finally getting cold outside, which makes me really happy! I wish it had been colder last month but up until today it was in the 70's!
I'm also super excited that my birthday is 6 days from tomorrow!

Hope you had a great day!




  1. I love your hair! my "lauren conrad" braids always go wonkey.
    You'll rock that test. dont worry! I have three tomorrow also! :).
    its only just getting cold?! ahh, its FREEZING HERE in the midwest. Running track outside= death.

  2. Haha thanks! I actually was to lazy to even braid it, I just twisted it(:
    Good luck on your tests! And with track!


  3. you look so pretty, and I love your hair!
    Hope the test went well :)

  4. aww you look beautifl savannah ! great OOYD hehe ^_^
    Sophie-lou x

  5. The outfit's adorable. Your hair's really cute! But first thing that crossed my mind- Sandals? Brrrr Cold! I did some more snow shoveling today where I live, so you must live somewhere really warm! :D


  6. Thanks girlies!

    @ Caro- It is really warm where I live! Although today it took a turn for the cold (which I'm so happy for!) so no sandals for a bit now!



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