Monday, January 3, 2011

December Favorites

Hey fashionistas!
I decided that it was about time to do my December favorites, kind of sad this is my last favorites of 2010.

Anyways, on to my favorites. Not too many things this month, kind of stuck with the same stuff. When I was sick I didn't wear any makeup so, not a whole lot of variety.

Essence blush in 01 'Almost Famous' ♥
Wet n' Wild 'Vanity' palette ♥
Urban Decay 'Baked' pigment ♥
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 'Yogurt' ♥
Maybelline Dream Mouse Concealer 'Ivory' ♥

The blush is a peachy pink with subtle shimmer, it's quite a nice flush of color for the cheeks.

Ever since I bought the Wet n' Wild Vanity palette in the beginning of December I've been using it nonstop! The pigmentation is amazing, and all the colors work really well together. My favorites are the 2 top ones on the left side and the bottom one of the right side.

The Urban Decay pigment is a nice bit of shimmer for the eyes. My only complaint is that it is kind of messy.

The NYX pencil is not only a great base but, I also love putting it in the inner corner of my eye for an eye brightener.

I didn't love the concealer at first, but now I really like it. It works quite well to cover blemishes and under eye circles.

Secret Scent Expressions deodorant 'Cocoa Butter Kiss' ♥
Triple Body Cream 'Japanese Cherry Blossom♥

I know what you're thinking "deodorant?" but, yes deodorant! I had started using Secret with Olay in it a couple of months ago but when I went to repurchase it it was gone! They stopped selling it, major bummer. It lasted all day, so I switched to just original scent and I didn't love it but the other day I was out and my mom picked this up and I love it! It lasts literally all day and smells really good! Seriously if you are in need of a new deodorant you should pick this up.

The triple body creams are perfect for the winter months when your skin tends to get dry. I picked this up mid-December and I've been using this one more than the other scents. Every time I put this on my mom goes "you smell really good. What are you wearing?" and it has been this every time!

Well that's all for my favorites for December.

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Oh and this is a scheduled post, so when you read this I'll be studying for my biology test!




  1. That deodorant seriously is the best I've tried! Great favorites. :)

  2. great post I have to many favorites to chose from but you just inspired me to do a post like this =)

  3. good luck on your test! good list, i love the wnw palettes....the nyx pencils are totally awesome!


  4. i love that Jumbo Eye Pencil from NYX, its such a pretty color :)

  5. I'm glad to see you like the UD pigment, I have a few on their way to me in the mail and I'd never tried them before.
    Good luck on your test!

  6. I have Wet n' Wild Vanity palette and love it! It's so versatile!


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