Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Poll and Ramble/Update

Hey dolls!
Hope your day went well, for many it was the first day back to school or work.
It was the first day of school for me and I was so not ready for it! Yes I had done all the work over break but, mentally I wasn't up for it! All day I just kept saying to my friends that "I just can't handle this!"
Even more sucky than going back to school is going back to school and knowing the next day you have a big biology test! So I spent my night studying.
Basically this week is studying for finals/mid-terms, which are next week.
I'm not looking forward to those! The upside is that we get out of school a couple of hours earlier!
Enough of this ramble! Here's my typical Monday poll.

I am currently CRAVING a cupcake, so this is my random Monday poll picture!
1. Mood:
Good, I feel pretty prepared for my biology test. I'm also kind of tired! Currently I'm watching the DVRed episode of Pretty Little Liars.

2. One thing you’d like to learn in “the 2011″?
Patience is a virtue. I'm just learning to be more patient and hopefully this will = good things!

3. One thing you love about yourself?
Personality wise I really love my sarcastic sense of humor.
Body wise I really like my hair and eyes.

4. What’s your current beauty obsession?
Neutral smoky eyes. ♥♥♥

5. Your favorite eyeshadow and why?
Well I just started using MAC Satin Taupe the other day and I ♥ it! It's a beautiful shade. It's dark but not too dark to not be used all over the lid.

6. What’s your eyebrow maintenance routine?
I pluck those little ones that creepy up everyday. I'm very anal about my brows!

7. Have you ever actually stuck to a New Year’s resolution?
Hmm, I don't know. I wasn't really big on New Year's resolutions until this year. I actually have a scheduled post that's going up on them this week.

8. What’s surprised you most about your life so far?
That things can happen or change in an instant.

9. What’s for lunch today?
I had a turkey sandwich on a thin bagel with lettuce, onion, tomato, and cheese. Jennifer if you're reading this, yes I gave up on the vegetarian thing. It wasn't working out...

10. Weekly goals:
Get all of my study guides for finals done, workout 3 times this week, hang out with some friends over the weekend.

Hope you girls are doing well!
Best wishes!




  1. LOL too funny. I saw turkey and I was like whaaat?! Then right after I see my name.. hahaha. It's ok, it's not for everybody :)

  2. Im so upset because while I was attempting to watch Pretty Little Liars my four year old niece was playing with a Barbie guitar she got for xmas. That thing is so loud and it sings that Barbie girl song over and over smh.

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  3. loved this post :) not to mention that photo of cupcakes is mouth watering! hehe
    im throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)


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