Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Forever 21 Haul

Hello fashionistas!
I have a haul for you all today(:
Lily and I went to the mall on Friday with my mom and my aunt.
We had such a blast.
Here's what I got from Forever 21, I also went to MAC but I want to make that a separate post.

This looks better on than it did on the necklace hanger(:
It's quite the statement.
Lily talked herself out of getting this, and I knew I had to have it!

This is what Lily got.
Lily only got two things (ahem she has self control... Unlike me!). The dress is a deep purple, it looked so good on her. She wore it on Monday, too cute!

The store is the 2nd biggest in the world (or US I can't remember) it's mammoth! There is so much stuff, maybe too much stuff. It's quite overwhelming and the lines for the dressing room are really long!
Also they don't have any air conditioning in the dressing rooms and apparently 2 people had passed out the day we went. Lily said "shop till you drop, literally."
Lily 'literally' said that 4 times on Friday! So I had to add it in.
My only complaint with the store is that sometimes they feature things on mannequins and you can't find them. Also that it is really hot in there!
These are minor things that I can look over though.

I made an order from Forever 21 last night, so be expecting a haul in '5-10 business days'!




  1. Love that bronze flowered necklace! Nice find!


  2. Nice things... Yes, that store is always hot and also there's a similar store "Love Couture" that they sell nice things, but too hot.

  3. Love the Love necklance and the statement necklace under it!!!!

  4. oo love the ring and the pink necklace!!

  5. i love F21, awesome haul sweetie :)

  6. I love the big flower statement necklace! Those are usually really expensive! xoxo Camille

  7. Cute haul, you got lots of lovely goodies! Love the ring xo


  8. You have made great purchases! Love that ring most of all!

    xo Ra


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