Friday, February 11, 2011

Sad Eyes You Are the Only One Who's Blue Skies Are Grey

Hello fashionistas,
here's what I wore to school on Thursday, I literally I threw this on 10 minutes before I walked out the door!
Nothing super thrilling happened at school today.
Came home and studied for geometry and geography. My two least favorite subjects!

This title came from my favorite song e v e r Sad Eyes by Josh Rouse. Sorry this is live, I couldn't find a not live version!

Shirt: JCP
Blazer: New York and Company
Jeans: More GV!
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: Forever 21 (bows)
Bracelet: Local store
Snood: My mom made it

Please excuse my mom's casual hot pink Crocs all up in my full length picture! She got them in like the little swag bags when she did some 1/2 marathon.

I had straightened my hair and then I just clipped it back. After 1st period though, I took it out and brushed through it. So it was straight the rest of the day.

I got a lot done on my vase in pottery. It's going to be a cylinder with a curve in it, it's sort of like sequins (well scales) with a lace pattern and they're all going to be overlapping. I'm pretty excited to be getting closer to being done with it!
I'm a huge pottery nerd, I'm not amazingly talented but, I do enjoy it.
I just made it into the display case on the front of D hall at my school, I was like freaking out, so excited! Hah, I'm such a dork!

Okay, I hope I didn't bore you with my ramblings!

Loads of love!




  1. Looking good again! Good luck on your tests! Maybe you'll show us your pottery handiwork when you're done?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Great blog!! I love your outfits!! ^-^

  3. Love your outfit there :) You're so pretty. x]

  4. i've actually never done pottery except when i was a little kid (but that doesn't count). lol.
    and 10 minutes to think of that outfit? i don't believe it!'s just that i take FOREVER when i have to pick out outfits. but i like it :)


    follow me?

  5. You look great! That teal color is amazing with your skin tone. Your hair is always the bomb. Seriously, you could model hair!! Props to your mom on the "snood" it is too cute! How would that look in a cheetah print....aaahhhh FAB!!! ;-)

  6. I just tagged you for the Stylish & Versatile Award. If you want to participate, check out my latest post for details.

  7. Hey! I just tagged you for the Stylish & Versatile Award. If you want to participate, check out my latest post for details.

    You look fab btw!!

    Editor & Chic


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