Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Is the Story of My Life & I Write It Everyday

Hey fashionistas,
sorry for not posting for almost two days (the horror!) , I've been busy.
Let me give you a little update on my life.
So remember how I told you my guy friend and I were arguing? Well I was the bigger person and apologized and we put it behind us, although things won't be the same due to what we argued about but, I'm not going to get into that!
I had two quizzes and a test today, so I was studying it up yesterday.
I'm pretty sure I didn't do well on my geometry test, the teacher wasn't there for the past two days and then he gave us a test on two sections he didn't teach us! *sigh*
My other quizzes were super easy though.
We have a four day weekend, so today is my Friday!
I'm going to have a five day weekend because of the Bon Jovi concert my mom and I are going to see, I won't be back at school until Wednesday!
Tomorrow one of my best friends (Melissa) is going shopping with me and my mom, Nana, and sister. We're going to Forever 21 and Costco.
My mission is to find a cute top to wear to the concert on Monday!
Mel hasn't been to the giant Forever 21 near us yet, so this will be quite an overwhelming experience! Even though I've been multiple times, I still can't get over the vastness of the store!
Almost 120,000 sq feet of Forever 21 !

Anyways, ramble over! Here's what I threw on before I walked out the door.

Shirt: New York and Company
Tank top: Aeropostale
Necklace: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Old Navy
Jeans: GV

This is such an unattractive photo of myself!
Oh, the necklace says "LOVE" but, the LO is on top of the VE .

Somedays when I don't know what to wear I just throw on layers of the same color, so today was very black on black. Or as the French would say "noir sur noir."
Just a wee bit of casual French!

Here's Nana with me after dinner!
I really need to get more sleep, my eyes look so tired...

Oh and this is random but, I wanted to show you the vase I've been working on in my pottery class, it's way different now then when I last talked about it.
Warning, it's very abstract. I finished doing the lines/swirls on it today, but this photo was taken yesterday. Also the bag in the opening is just to make sure it kept its form.
This is it looking from the back.
Casual side view.

A lot of people said it looked like broccoli or cauliflower. Some think it's a tree, or a person's head.
I think it looks sort of under the sea-ish.
I guess it is open to your own interpretation. I just kind of embraced it's wonky form! My teacher loves it, she helped me get it to lean like it does.
Right now it's drying out, so I'll be probably getting it fired on Wednesday or Thursday.
I'm thinking of painting it a light blue or teal.
After somebody threw out that it looked like cauliflower I decided against a cream color!

Oh, another random side note, I got a super cute denim pencil skirt today from Coldwater Creek (which I call Oldwater Creek...) but, this skirt was too cute!
For Valentines day my mom bought me a purple plaid jacket from there, I'll show you guys soon!

I hope you're all having a fabulous day! Happy almost Friday!



PS: This is the song that I got the title from, it's Bon Jovi and it's called... Story of My Life.
My friend Mel and I adore it, we shortened it to 'SOML' !


  1. You and your nana are too cute together! I love that!!

    Editor & Chic

  2. Cute outfit! And lovin' your Nana! lol


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