Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bon Jovi Concert- Outfit of the Evening

Hello my stylin' fashionistas!
Sorry for taking so long to get this up here!
I wore this on February 21st to a Bon Jovi concert.
I think that may have been the best night of my life, I love Bon Jovi so much!
My mom and I had a blast! I'll put up some pictures (:
I tried to load a video but, blogger wouldn't let me!

Also, I wanted to say that my heart goes out to all the people suffering from the earthquake/tsunami.

Tank top: Forever 21
Jacket: Jones New York (costco)
GV: Costco
Shoes: Nine West
Earrings: Forever 21

Here's my mom and I.

These are some pictures I took at the concert. We had really high seats because we bought them way after they went on sale!

Hope you enjoyed my picture filled post!
Have a great weekend!
I'll post probably tomorrow!




  1. you look so pretty sweetie <3 so happy you had a good time at the concert :)

  2. Yo look so lovely! Glad you had a good time at the concert. Bon Jovi is a great band to see; they've been playing together for a long time, so as a band they are very tight. One thing I've been told is that the OOOh part of living on a prayer was recorded and sped up b/c Jon could not hit that note, so when he plays it live he holds the mic out to the audience; did you notice that?

  3. You look lovely, your skin is so glowy! I saw Bon Jovi last year and they were amazing!

  4. @ Christine- thanks girly!

    @ PoorCollgeStudent- Thanks! And, no I didn't notice that, when live he does "eeeeoooohhhh we're half way there, woahhh livin' on prayer."

    @ Kat- Thanks, I think it was because of the ELF warm bronzer that I've been using(:


  5. aww u look realli pretty :)
    love the tank top!


    follow me, please?

  6. Love the shirt! You went to a Bon Jovi conert? Lucky!

    I'm loving your blog!

    Follow me?

  7. Thank you so much sweetie <3 xx

  8. OMG, you have gorgeous eyes !! you look fresh and beautiful ! :) Love it

    Mlle Trendy

  9. YAY!! I know you have been planning this for a long time! You look so cute. Love the top!


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