Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outfit of the Day and My 200th Post!

Hello my dearest fashionistas,
I have an outfit of the day one what I wore to school last Monday.
Dress & Cardigan: Kohls Shoes: Aerosoles (Ross) Watch: Avenue Belt: Forever 21

I bought this dress and cardigan over spring break and I absolutely love them together!
When I bought them I hadn't planned on wearing them together but, they work so well together!
Oh, in case any of you were wondering, this cardigan is from the Lauren Conrad line for Kohls. 

This post is really special because, IT'S MY 200TH POST! 
I literally can't believe that I have done that many blog posts! 
I have over 850 comments, 11,000 page views, and now 200 posts! 
I can't wait until my first blog birthday! 
I just have to tell you all thank you so much for supporting me! I have the sweetest followers, you all have been so kind to me. I love you all!




  1. you're so photogenic! and im jealous of your hair! I really need to check out Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's, I'm sure I'd fine things I like

  2. Nice outfit, very pretty. Kohl's have good prices too, good choice.

  3. OH MY WORD!! Are you kidding me!! Look at those beautiful eyes! Finally, I can see you...I can really see you!! Thank you for the LARGER photos honey (you know I'm old and blind)!!! lol You are such a pretty young lady. Your hair is just a gift! I am so serious Savannah...YOU ARE GORG GIRL!! Congrats on your 200th post! WOW! I never knew a teen could inspire me but you have inspired me so much sweetie. MUAH
    side note: that guy friend of yours must be CRAZY!! He's dissing the prettiest girl in school. What a genius (being sarcastic here)! haha

  4. What a pretty outfit! Your eyes are so gorgeous! XX

  5. wow look at you every time I come by your blog your look more radiant so beautiful love that cardi

  6. You look so stunning sweetie <3
    The Nyx eyeshadows didn't seem Chalky to me, why do you ask? Have you had some bad experience with their shadows?

    Xo Christine

  7. Congrats brosky. :D I'm so proud of you.

  8. Cute outfit!! I'm loving the shoes...did you get them at Target? I'm looking forward to more outfit inspiration!!

  9. you are too pretty for words! =) I love your blog btw! Congrats! Quick question, are those wedges comfortable because they are super cute and look great on you?!



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