Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ruffles and Curls

 Hello fashionistas!
I wore this to school on Thursday.

Dress: from my Mom (I think she bought it at Ross?) Tank top: Forever 21 Blazer: Jcpenny Shoes: Aerosoles Bracelet: vintage, from my Nana 

I threw this on at 8:53, we leave a little bit after 8:55! I was rushing around the house trying to find something to wear! I finally 'borrowed' this dress from my mom's closet (it might be making a permanent move to mine....) These pictures are not the best (from the angle taken, they make my face look really chubby). Sorry!

Today I'm headed to Panera with two of my best friends (Lily and Ethan). We're going to do some studying.
Panera is this awesome bread company and they have great soups, sandwiches, and pastries (among other things)! Ethan and I spent our entire mid-term study sessions there (a straight two days)! 
I always have the best time with them whenever we go (at least twice a month)!
Yes, Ethan is said guy friend who I was in a big fight with. We're all good now. Just in case you were wondering! 

Have a great Sunday, I'm dreading school next week! I just want summer to be here!



PS: I wanted to share a cute picture of Colby I shot.
He's a pain but, oh so cute!


  1. great dress :)

  2. You look gorgeous sweetie <3
    And awww, your dog is such a cutie :)

    Xoxo Christine

  3. Love the cut of this denim jacket!! You look super cute girl. Awe...hello little puppy!! lol

  4. beautiful dress!!! you look sooooo pretty! :)

  5. Lovely dress and you look gorgeous!

  6. I love this you look beautiful! You puppy is too cute, as well!! xo Camille


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