Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recently Purchased Makeup Swatches

Hello fashionistas!

As promised, here are the swatches of all my recently purchased beauty goodies! 

Hard Candy Fox in a Box blush in Hot Flash

Stila convertible color (can be used as a creme blush or on your lips) in Lillium
Please excuse my top in the mirror, I hate when I take a picture of products with mirrors and I end up in it. Sorry! 

Left to right:
Hot Flash all blended together, lower left corner of Hot Flash, upper left corner, lower right corner, upper right corner, Lillium unblended, blended.
I'm sorry these aren't the best swatch pictures, my camera is not good at focusing. Annoying. 

Stila long wear lip liners in Devoted (left) and Delighted (right).
 Delighted on top, devoted on bottom. I like devoted better because it's pinker. 

Wet n' Wild palette in Comfort Zone.
This is the left side of the palette, the top has no base and the bottom has Urban Decay's primer potion underneath it. I'm incredibly impressed with this palette!  

 This is the right side of the palette (not that you couldn't have guess that that was coming)! Again the top has no base, and the bottom has Urban Decay's primer potion underneath it. 
Again, the pigmentation leaves me dumbfounded! I paid a whopping $3.99 for this, the quality is crazy good!
The last color has a duochrome finish, which I thought I was able to capture in the pictures above. It can show up as blue, brown, and red. It's a beautiful color. If you should buy one thing out of everything I've swatched, this is it. 

Stila duo eyeshadows in Burgundy and Seashell.
Again, my camera wasn't focusing, sorry this isn't a very sharp image. 
 The top has no primer (left burgundy, right seashell). The bottom has Urban Decay's primer potion underneath it. Seashell is a pretty warm, shimmery pink. Burgundy is a deep, shimmering brown. They work well together. 

We finally have our room put together (for the most part). My desk has been ordered, and so have the duvet covers. I hope it gets here before we leave for vacation! I'm am dying to show you guys, but I don't want to to do it until it's all here. You guys will love it! 

If you all want to see any looks with these products, let me know, I'm more than happy to do it!

Have a great holiday weekend! 




  1. Oh I love that Hard Candy blush! And you're totally right, great minds do think alike. ;) I love that we have similar interests!

  2. Thank you for the swatch of Hot Flash. I think I am going to pick that one up. It should work nicely for me. :D

  3. That blush by Hard Candy looks gorgeous. Been wanting that one for a long time ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  4. That blusher looks amazing - I've never seen it before!! Thanks for the comment on my blog btw xx :D xx

  5. What gorgeous little buys!
    I love that Wet n' Wild palette

  6. Ooo I'd love to pick up that Wet & Wild palette, thanks for the swatches!


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