Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello fashionistas!
I wore this to school on Tuesday.
I borrowed the dress from the mother, I love the fact that I can just borrow her stuff when I'm not feeling anything of mine! On the other hand, mom doesn't always love it. 
Thanks mom!  

 Dress: Kohl's Tanktop and bracelets: Forever 21 Blazer: JCP Necklace: ? Mom gave it to me Shoes: Target 

I finally wore my new Target sandals and they were extremely comfortable! I like that they have all the comfort factors of a regular, flat sandal, but they have a little wedge!

This dress was incredibly soft, I seriously wish I had gotten one back when mom did... 
I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I always wear my blazers (especially this one) with dresses because most of the dresses are tank top strap, and at school we can't have tank top straps. So that would be the reason behind the constant blazers. And the fact that I love blazers!

School was pretty good today, took my math quiz, passed with a 90%! I just accidently left out a negative sign. We started working on our 'breadth' for my AP 3D class. It felt good to be working with clay again, I really missed it. Pottery is one of my favorite classes ever. I love it.

It's almost the weekend, so yey!




  1. You have such gorgeous eyes! Love the outfit.

  2. I love your outfit Savannah! You look so pretty! That denim blazer is amazing! I need one of those like NOW!! Kiah

  3. Cute! That is awesome that your mom has cute enough clothes you can borrow;) I love my mom more than anything but unfortunately her style is in a completely different generation.. haha. xox

  4. so cute ..... love her dress and especially her necklace .......

  5. ooooh I love pottery! It seems like a fun and fantastic craft, loving the green dress and blazer.

    Glad your sticking to your style while following school policies and you go girl with that 90 on that math quiz! :P


  6. Ciao, hello there
    Un Look Meraviglioso, belle anche le scarpe
    You have a great talent in wearing so well . . . Cheers
    Ciao dall'Italia
    Greetings from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè


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