Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, I Love Them!

Hey fashionistas!

The other day the momma and I (no I don't really call my mom 'momma') were shopping it up at Target, and we 'happened to stumble upon some shoes' (just kidding we totally went over there on our own free will)! 
They were having a big clearance on shoes, 75% off! So I picked up 3 new pairs. I have shoe problems because my feet literally rot my shoes. I kid you not, my feet are disgusting. The weird thing is it only happens with closed toed flats/pumps. Okay, so now you know my weird feet fact. 

On to the shoes!

The first pair were the ones that I bought the gel pads for, they're really high.. These could end with me whining about my feet after I wear them/while I'm wearing them. Actually it will definitely end with me whining, then my friends will pull the "why do you wear heels?" card.

Obviously, I wear them because they're so cute and because I'm so short (a mere 5'3")!

The blinged out gladiator/sandal shoes I bought because I thought they would be cute sticking out from jeans, for a  pop of sparkle! I'm definitely going to put a band-aid with a cottonball in it for padding against my heel, I know they zipper will end up giving me a blister. 
Oh, the things we do for fashion.

The final pair I got were a sensible buy. They're comfy and they have a bit of height, so I feel like these will become an everyday sort of shoe. They're really comfy!

All of the shoes I bought were $7 or less. You guys should definitely make a trip over to your Target and peruse the shoes section. And the clothes... 

School starts Monday, I'm not looking forward to that. 

Hope you guys have a fantastic Saturday! I'm off to go get ready to go hangout with the bestie. There will be an outfit of the day from today put up soon. 



PS: Thanks for the great feedback on my last 2 posts, I love you all!


  1. I love all three! I love shoe shopping so much right before school! I just bought some wedges :)

    And that's AMAZING that you got them for $7 or LESS. Wow!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    xo, gina

  2. wow i like all shoes but the 2nd is fabulous..........

  3. Wow! great finds! don't u just love tar-jay!! kiah

  4. Those are so cute! Great finds!

  5. I didn't see these exact pairs, but I saw the super cheap 75% off shoe racks! There were only sky-skraper high heels that I was too terrified of, but still, holy sale! These are adorable. I love the first ones, especially. :)

  6. i think im heading over to target tomorrow after work

  7. What! I'm seriously heading there today. And it is back to school week on my blog. Go have a look.

  8. I love the first pair not too high and not too low! Perfection :P



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