Monday, September 5, 2011

August Favorites

Hello my beautyistas!
Happy Labor Day! 
I decided to go ahead and do my August favorites so I can share them with you all. 

-Revlon lipstick in Pink Velvet
-Physcian's Formula translucent powder
-Stila convertible color in Camellia or 01
-MAC matte creme 
-Stila Kitten eyeshadow 
-Pure Ice nail polish in Fast Lane

Left to right

Revlon lipstick, Kitten eyeshadow, convertible color unblended, blended.

The MAC matte creme has been great because my face has been breaking out a bit so, I just put a dab of this on, dip my finger in the translucent powder and put it on the spot, et voila the spot is gone! Well sort of.

This lipstick has been my go-to for the past month, it's bright without being too flashy for school. This with a bit of mascara and I'm set! 

On the days where I want full eye makeup, I've been loving Kitten. Not that I haven't been in a love affair with Kitten since last year. It's my all time favorite shadow. I could talk about it for years. 

The Stila convertible color has made its way in to my everyday routine this month. It's great for a warm, sun kissed look. I haven't even been contouring, and you all know how I love to contour!

This gold has found itself on my nails/toes almost all month. It's opaque in one coat, but I usually do two coats. Plus it was super cheap!

-Shaper Plus hair spray
- Redken Volume Guts 10 mousse

This hairspray is the BEST hairspray I have ever used in my entire life. Living in Florida equals a constant fight against humidity, this hairspray holds ALL day. It's amazing. It's gives a great hold, but it doesn't give you that "hairspray hold" look. 

This volumizing mousse has taken my hair to new heights (well new heights sans teasing)! I'm a huge fan of volume in my hair, and this has given me sky high hair. I swear I should have been born in Texas or New Jersey, somewhere that appreciates big hair. 

What did you all love last month? Did we have some of the same product loves? 

I'm off to go catch a movie with the best friend.




  1. A lot of your favorites this month has also been on my favorite list! I love the redkin guts spray! That works wonders on my hair as well.

  2. Oh I love that lipstick! Beautiful color, Revlon has some great lipsticks very comparable to high end!

  3. fantastic favorites! My favorite for august was the sinful colors nail polish collection! I just could not get enough of it :P


  4. love the sades of lip stick ...

  5. Sebastian Shaper is the best hair spray ever! I've been using it ever since I used to steal it out of my mom's cabinet. I love the stila's convertible color as well, they are super pigmented and natural


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