Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gwen and Janice- Halloween Party

Hello fashionistas!
I though I'd share Lily and I's halloween party costumes. 
The theme was to dress as a musician, so I decided to go as Gwen Stefani because I knew I could easily throw on a dress, heels, poof the hair, and rock some fun makeup. Lily decided to go as Janice Joplin, who was from the 60s. Lily opted for this because she didn't come up with a costume until the night before. Basically she made her hair even crazier than normal and slipped on some retro glasses, which she could not see out of all night due to the fact that she's out of contacts.  

Dress: New York and Company Shoes: JCP Bracelet: F21 Lipstick: MAC Red

Here's my inspiration for my costume.

 Here's Lily's inspiration..
Attractive. Nice coke bottle glasses. Which Lily rocked that night. 

The party was pretty fun. A bunch of people who are in bands at our school played. Whenever there is a party all of the band guys insist on bringing their amps and 'jam out'. I typically don't recognize most of their songs. Oh, and there was a "bass battle". It was so lame, I'm not even sure who won!




  1. You look great in that dress!! I love your shoes :)

  2. omg you two look great!

    What a clever costume idea--you look hot as Gwen Savannah that red lipstick is on point yesss for the shoes too!

    Cute hump :D


  3. Awww ya'll both look great! Cute easy costume ideas!

  4. You both did an outstanding job on your interpretations of Janice and Gwen! Love your dress so much and your hair is cute like that. Every time I see Gwen I think about the "BUMP-IT"!! lol Kiah


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