Sunday, October 16, 2011

Haulin' It Up!

Hello fashionistas!
I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a few days! I've had another super busy week/weekend.

Yesterday mom and I shopped it up at the mall because I needed shoes for homecoming and then we bought some other things..

Mom and I hit the Sephora and picked up a couple of things. The primer potion duo was on sale for $19, down from the original $26. I was happy that I saw this because I'm almost out of my original primer potion. 
I needed more of my Benefit boi-ing concealer, so I also picked up that. 

We also went to MAC because I went to a Halloween party last night as Gwen Stefani, and I needed a red lipstick. I bought M.A.C. Red.
Here's a swatch of it.

Afterwards we ran into Forever 21 for a few minutes and I found this bracelet. I loved it,so I ended up buying this too.

Ta-da, homecoming shoes! Our theme is 'Neon' (which is such a lame theme, just throwing that out there). 
These shoes are from JCP. We had checked 4 other shoe stores and any shoes I liked were all too big on me or not high enough. 
Then we ran across these and I fell in love. My dress is black so I thought I'd do a little pop of color in my shoes. I wore these with my Gwen Stefani outfit last night to break them in before homecoming, I didn't want my feet to hurt that night! 

It's been a really nice weekend. I'm currently with the best friend, Lily. We're watching Say Yes To the Dress, aka on of my favorite shows. I really like wedding shows! 

Have you guys done any hauling this weekend? 

Lots of love!




  1. I love say yes to the dress!

  2. love everything! bracelet is so cute! if i were u i would copy katy perry's shoes in Last Friday night music vid, do each foot a diff coloru hahahaha

  3. I can't wait to see you in that RED lipstick girl! Those shoes will look fantastic with black! Kiah

  4. Ohhhhh Red is going to look gorgeous with your eyes haha I can't wait to see the full homecoming look so far those heels are screaming cute cute cute!

    fantastic haul, btw :D



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