Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Statement Flats

Hello fashionistas!
I thought I would do a little shoe post today.
Being a mere 5'3'' I tend to opt for heels or wedges, but when I need to give my feet a break I bust out the flats. I buy wedges or heels that can be worked into multiple outfits. When I buy flats I like to have variety in my shoes, so I look for more flamboyant flats. 
Here are the statement flats I'll be wearing a lot this fall/winter. 

Clockwise: Nine West (Marshalls), Ross, and Forever 21.

Sometimes I like to throw in a little flash of metallic in my outfits, so these shoes were a perfect find. I like to wear these when I'm in jeans, tanktops, and slouchy cardigans. Add some earrings and a simple bracelet and you're good to go! 

When I feel the need for a little edge to my girly outfits I like to mix it up with these studded flats. They take my sweet and girly look and make it look more edgy. 

Whenever I'm in the need for some sassy footwear, I put on these pizza toe, cheetah, kitten heels (which are basically flats to me)! They instantly make any outfit look classier and sassier! I like to mix them with blazers, jeans, sparkly shirts, throw on a chunky bracelet and I'm ready to hit the road. 

Do you all have any shoes that make a statement? Let me know!

I'm off to shower and get ready for my day tomorrow. I felt sick today, so I didn't go to school. I'm sure I'll be doing a ton of makeup work tomorrow. I also have a chemistry test on Friday, I'm dreading it! 

Lots of love!




  1. I love the animal print flats. I'm 5'10 and often want to give my feet a break from heels as well. It's hard finding a cute flat. These are awesome.

  2. ohh I love flats haha, I wear flats to work all the time, love the leopard pair you own!

  3. I think every girl needs a animal print shoe for a statement, mine are my leopard print flats also purchased from forever21 :P

    I feel your pain, we're the same height atleast you can tolerate heels; they make me off balance and pained lol


  4. I love all of these shoes! Super cute black ones! Kiah


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