Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ladylike Style

Hello belles!

Long time no post! This week was an extremely jam packed, fun, exhausting week! 

Wednesday my friends and I had to work on our history project, we had to write a song about Germany and all of their colonies back in the 1900s and make a map to go along with it. We wrote the lyrics last Sunday, started recording it Wednesday, but we didn't finish it. Yesterday two out of the five, plus me (we were the ones who actually recorded it) came over and we finished it! I'm very proud of us.

Then Thursday was my actual birthday and my mom, dad, sister, and I went out the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, delicious! Then mom and I went to Sephora; I actually didn't buy anything! After that we went to Forever 21 for a few minutes and I bought a cardigan and some earrings. 

So please forgive me for not posting this week! 

Onto a little something I wore this week. 

I hadn't worn this pencil skirt in a long, long, long time, so I decided to wear it this week. 
Dressed it down with this jacket and a simple black top. Accented with silver shoes and I was ready to go! 

Jacket: JCP Shirt: Jones New York Tank top: Kohls Skirt: Coldwater Creek Shoes: Payless 

I have a funny story about this jacket. A few weeks ago I let my best friend Lily borrow my favorite jean blazer, actually my only jean blazer. Seen here and in many other posts on my blog.
Anyways, she wore it back to her house and somehow it just 'disappeared.'
She claims to have looked everywhere for it and just can't find it (okay, I know she did, but still it was my favorite jacket)! 
So homegirl said she'd buy me a new one or make it up to me. The point was that she shouldn't have just borrowed it and lost it! I wanted my jacket back. So, Lily went in her closet and finds this jacket and goes "here it's yours now."
That would be the story about how I acquired this article of clothing! 
Oh Lily, how you make me laugh. 

I'm off to get ready for a little party for my cousin's birthday; she's turning 19 on the 16th of this month. Happy almost birthday Meg! 

I'll be taking pictures of all my birthday presents and posting them up here either Sunday or Monday.

Loads of love!




  1. Happy belated birthday! This outfit looks great :) I love your necklace, too! And congrats on finishing projects! Always such a good feeling!

    xo, gina

  2. I never let anyone borrow my stuff for that reason :-/ lol. But yay for Lilly!! and happy bday Meg! but most importantly, you look stunning!!

  3. You look awesome and sorry about the borrow situation :(

    Happy Belated Birthday, you look beautiful Savvy <3



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