Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Sixteen Gifts

Hello fashionistas!

I thought I'd share all of my birthday gifts with you all. 
I want to say thank you to everyone for everything. I love my friends and family so much!


My parents, Nana, aunts, and uncle all went in on this for me! I was so so so excited when I opened the box and saw that perfect blue box just sitting there. I've been wearing it nonstop since I got it. If you'll remember a few months ago I wrote a post on here about how I wanted one, well now I have one

This bag is by Ivanka Trump and I had been lusting after it for a few weeks and when I saw that Lily and two of my other friends got it for me I was incredibly happy and excited! 

This bag is from another one of my friends. I absolutely LOVE this bag! It's such a statement color, like "BAM, I HAVE ARRIVED!" 

Not only do I love this box, but I also love what's inside! My aunt, uncle, and cousin got me this plush, purple robe and a trio of Secret Wonderland Bath and Body Works products. The robe is so warm and fluffy.

My mom's good friend (and my honorary aunt) got me all of these movies. A movie for each year (16) and each movie is starting from 1995-2011. I'm going to be watching a lot of movies over winter break!

My great aunt got me this picture frame. I can't wait to hang it up over my dresser! 

One of my friends bought me this, I wore it today. Too cute! 

Another great aunt got me this necklace. I love the beautiful bronze colors swirling about this piece. It's such a statement necklace, I'm still trying to figure out what to pair with it! 

My honorary Nanny bought me this bracelet. I love how girly it is, very me!

This wasn't actually a gift, I bought these while I was out shopping; I just thought I'd include them.

My mom always buys my sister and I ornaments every year. She says she does it so that when we move out we'll have ornaments for our own trees. 

My mom's best friend bought me these nail polishes. I currently am wearing "Wocka Flocka." It's the last one on the right.

Melissa bought me this candle because we both love candles! She also got me this delicious Kenyan coffee from the farmer's market and a Forever 21 giftcard. We're shopping buddies! 

My pottery teacher got me this because I had been craving a carmel apple ever since she'd talked about making them. I was so touched when I walked in and she had this for me, she also put hot pink sprinkles on it! She wasn't able to make my party because of a conflicting engagement. 

My former biology teacher came to my party and she got me this Sephora mirror and a gift card. 
She knows me so well! 

My mom put together a box of pedicure goodies. I think she was tired of me taking her stuff!

Mom also bought me these adorable flats. 

Sephora's beauty insider birthday present. 

My sister got me all of this because I love warm vanilla sugar and Lindor chocolate! 

Again, thank you all so much; I love you all! 

I'm off to go get ready for tomorrow. I have a chemistry test and an english test/essay tomorrow. It's going to be a busy, long week before winter break.




  1. Wow!

    You scored amazing gifts you have so many great loved ones <3


  2. OH MY WORD SAVANNAH!! Was it your birthday or Christmas!! lol You are so blessed with amazing and thoughtful family and friends! That Tiffany necklace is beautiful and the 16 movies idea was genius! I see some of my favorite movies in that box! All the smell goods and foot stuff are so necessary. Even teachers showed the love. You are such a special girl. Please hang on to all of those special ornaments your mom has given you and your sis. I think I will start that tradition with my daughter when she becomes a teen in 3 years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. Hi Lily! haha Kiah

  3. Ahh, your Tiffany's necklace is beautiful! I've been wanting one of the bracelets for a long time. There's just something about the jewelry that's timeless. The bags you got a really cute, too- can't wait to see how you wear them. :)


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