Friday, January 20, 2012

Kushyfoot Review

Hello fashionistas!
I was recently contacted by Lipton Publicity and I was sent a few products from Kushyfoot to review. 

These are the flats I was sent, they are called "Flats to Go."
Here's what the product's description states.
"Soft, flexible faux leather Flats-to-go® are an instant and elegant solution to a perennial need for the relief of sore heels, blisters and scrunched up toes. Featuring an elastic back for a better fit, and a unique, 3-dimensional wavy sole that cushions and massages the foot as the wearer walks-perfect for indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces. They slip neatly and easily into their owner's purse, folded into a cute clear plastic carrier with its own little handles."

Bottom of the shoes.

Let me give you a little true story about a Flats to Go moment in my life.
A couple of weeks ago my family decided we were going to go to Ikea. Had I known we were going to Ikea I would not have worn heels. As soon as we arrived I knew that it was not going to be a quick little jaunt. After walking around the extremely large store my feet were killing me. They were sore and slightly swollen. I had never wanted out of my heels so badly! My mom reminded me that I had smartly packed my Flats to Go in my purse! I slipped them on and had immediate heel relief. 

Now for a more technical breakdown. 
The shoes are immediate comfort, but I wouldn't necessarily say that they "cushion and massage" your feet. I also think that the bottoms are not the most sturdy material, but that would be what makes them so convenient to roll.  I like that they are easy to roll up and shove in your purse. They look more elegant on your feet than they do when they're rolled up. Mine are in a fun, alligator print. They jazz up the shoe and make it more chic. The retail for a mere $10. If you want to purchase them online, then click here.

Overall I would definitely recommend these to my readers, friends, and family! 

Here is the other product I received, they are called "Microfiber Crew socks." 

This is what the product is described as. 
"The new crew length style features a comfort roll top band for a non-binding fit and special Coolmax fiber to wisk moisture - all with the knit-in cushioned sole. The style is ideal with the season's hottest Gladiator type shoes, but also works well with heels or cool pumps."

Look you can see my toe nail polish, very sheer and comfortable!

Bottom of the socks. 

I have to say one thing I really hate about wearing socks is having my feet become super warm. I think that is why I like these, they are breathable. No more sweaty feet. They were comfortable and stretchable. I think people who struggle with sweaty feet when they wear regular socks would really appreciate these. 
These retail for around $11.99 in a pack of 3 online. If you would like to purchase these, then click here.

Overall I would recommend these if you don't like wearing constricting, hot socks and are in the market for breathable, stretchable, comfortable socks. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review!




  1. We did the SAME review!! Just different colors! Lol!! Love yours!

  2. Those flats are very cute, I wear flats almost every day at work. For the days I have meetings and wear heels these would be amazing to have and change into! Those socks look awesome too!!! I buy the thinnest socks I can find I am not a fan of thick socks at all!

    Great review!


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