Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dot. Dot.. Dot...

Hello fashionistas!
I wanted to show you all what I wore to school today.
A thought often passes through my mind when I walk out the door, "I look more like a woman going to job than a girl going to school." I like dressing up. I can't wait for the days when I get to be a classy, working woman! 

Blazer and earrings: New York and Company Top: Belk Jeans: Belk (Jones New York) Shoes: JCP Bracelet: Belk  

I have been waiting to wear this shirt and I finally wore it today! I love the sheerness with the polka dots. I wanted to contrast with a bright white blazer, but I also wanted to show you the flowing sleeves. 
For a pop of color I added my blue heels. I wanted sleek jewelry, so I wore a silver bracelet and some simple silver, faux diamond stone earrings. 

For makeup I did a subtly smokey eye and a bright pink lip. The lip color is not translating very well in these pictures! Annoying. Hair straight and with a bobby pin to pin my bangs over. 

I had a really good day today! 
I got a chemistry test, one that I took forever ago, and I got a 96%. I worked so hard, I'm really happy!
I also got a 5 on the AP 3D scale for one of my projects. A 6 is the highest and extremely difficult to garner. 

I'm off to go do homework. I have a plan to write for english. Then I have to finish steps 3 and 4 for my AP 3D 'exploring my voice'  packet. That's going to take me forever! 

Have a great day!




  1. Love those blue heels super cute! Congrats on getting such a high score on your project!!

  2. Wow with all those marks I am sure you'll be a business women soon enough! What year are you? You should look into dual enrollment, see if your school offers it I wish I knew about it when I was in hs.

  3. @Amber thanks girly!

    @Stefanie- thank you so much!

    @Camille- I'm a sophomore. My school does offer it, but I'm already taking college level classes with the AICE program, it's similar to IB it just isn't as well known.



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