Sunday, January 29, 2012

Off to the Races

Hello fashionistas!
The other day my Dad, Mom, and I went down to watch practice and qualifying for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. I was told I had to wear sneakers and obviously Nike workout sneakers were not going to be worn by me. So I donned my lip print Converse shoes. I bought them because they remind me a bit of Betsey Johnson's flirty flair. I kept the outfit simple, pairing my favorite blazer with the top in case I got chilly. 

Blazer: Kohl's Top: Nine West Tank-top: Kohl's Jeans: JCP Shoes: Converse Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

Shoe picture while at the race track. 

Mommy and daughter picture. We were both mid cracking up about something, hence mom's tight lipped smile! Note how she's wearing the scarf she bought for me. I love her! 

Patrick Dempsey is the guy talking to the older woman in the yellow shirt. I love him! 

Mom and I spotted this unknown, very attractive man in the grey. I told mom he was working his angles with his casual posing! Mom always tells me that the races are the best way to meet men. She says "It's literally one woman to every twenty men!"  Dad just laughs and laughs. 

Casual picture of race trailers for the cars to be transported in. 

Here's a Lana Del Rey song that made me think of the title. I love this song. "Off to the Races" is such a great song! 

My mom made a big girl's breakfast and invited a lot of our friends. It was fun and tasty!

Have a great week! Enjoy the last day before we get back to the grind. 

Lots of love!




  1. Very cute outfit and love your mom scoping men

  2. Hehe how cute! I love how girly your outfits always are those kicks do remind me of Betsey!


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