Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Ruffles

Hello fashionistas!
I feel like it has been ages since I last posted even thought it has only been 3 days! I was really good with posting at least every other day last month and I'm going to try to keep it up this month. 
Anyways, here's an outfit of the yesterday for you! 

Top and Jeans: JCP Blazer: Target Shoes: Bealls Tank-top: Aeropostale Necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Bag: Jessica Simpson 

Sorry for my casual Panera cup in  my hand! I had breakfast there on Tuesday morning and I didn't set it down. Also, excuse the casual Panera outside seating background! I wanted to get some pictures of this outfit and this was the only place I could do it at. 

I love this shirt because of the hot pink color and the way the ruffles move when you walk. Had I known that it was chilly outside I probably would have opted for different heels, but I went for open toe shoes! I knew it was cold enough for a jacket, so I tossed on my dark denim-ish blazer. I made sure that the jeans and the blazer weren't too matching! 

I wanted to curl my hair again, but it got kind of frizzy. Which is pretty abnormal for my hair. Sorry the sun made my hair look so bright. Oh well. Simple pink and brown eye makeup with a hot pink lipstick. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!




  1. Very pretty shirt. I love the ruffles.

  2. omg you've lost allot of weight you look amaizng !!

  3. You look so cute! I love your hair that way. :)

  4. You look so cute! Love those ruffles Savannah!




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