Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Review

Hello fashionistas!
Today I wanted to review Revlon Colorbust Lipsticks. These have quickly become my favorite lipsticks. 
I'd picked these up awhile ago from Target when they were on sale. 

On the left we have Fuschia and on the right we have Coral.

Swatches Coral on the left, Fuschia on the right.

The pigmentation that these have is phenomenal. The colors are so vibrant and come out exactly how I expected them to be. 
Not only are they heavily pigmented, but they are also very moisturizing with a nice glossy sheen. When I wear these I don't even have to layer a lipgloss over them. I really want to check out the other shades in this line. I also adore the quilted print on the packaging, too cute! 
At $8.99 these lipsticks are pretty well priced. If you look around you can typically find these on sale, either buy one get one half off or just a sale price. I found mine for only $3 a piece at Target, but that was a few months ago. 

Overall I would definitely recommend these to fellow lipstick lovers! 

Have any of you tried these out? 




  1. they look so amazing! i really need to try!


  2. fuschia is gorgeous! i looooove the revlon colorburst lippies and glosses

  3. These are my favorite drugstore lipstick!! I have 4 shades and I love them all, Mauve is my favorite!


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