Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ins and Outs #10

Hello fashionistas!
I wanted to do a little ins and outs post. I seriously almost didn't do it, but I wanted to keep up with my every other day blogging. I've been on a two month roll with it! 
Before I launch into this post I just wanted to share what my day consisted of. Today was the World Language Festival and my best friend Melissa and I woke up at 5:30 to get ready and be there by 6:50. We did make a Starbucks (or as I call them JupiterEuros) stop. We were in a French brain brawl, poem competition, and an 'amazing race.' 
I literally waited until the day before to memorize my poem, which forced me to pick an easy poem and as a second year student I should have chosen a harder poem... Oh well! When I went up I literally apologized to my judges about how short it was and how I waited last minute. I totally didn't think I'd win anything and then during awards Melissa and our friend Madeleine got superior and when they went up the speaker called out my name for superior too. All 3 of us burst into laughter. It was hysterical. 

Okay, onto the actual post! 


1.) I've started watching the new show called The River. I'm actually quite liking it, spooky but interesting! I don't like the weird shaky camera angles, that annoys me.

2.) I've very recently (aka this week) become into using hot rollers in my hair. I love the volume it gives me. 
I hope I can continue to use them even when it gets warmer because warm weather in Florida equals so much humidity! Also, these aren't the exact hot rollers that I use, but close enough!

3.) Is anyone else excited for bright spring colors to come back? I sure am. I will be brave enough to color-block more boldly this season. I want to mix hot pink and teal. I think that is such a pretty color combination!
Here are some cute shoes from Shoemint that I really like. I don't think I'd get them because of the ankle straps, those always make my legs look even shorter than they are!

4.) For Valentines day my mom bought me the new Snow Patrol CD and I've been jamming to it nonstop! My favorite song is called This Isn't Everything You Are. 


1.) I really need to stop stressing out over school. I'm starting to think that my teachers are right, I stress myself out! I really need to relax and have fun. 

2.) Okay, I know you always want what you don't have, but I really wish that it was still cool! It was 85 degrees today! I need it to be cool again, I am not ready for warm, humid weather! 

Okay, I'm off to eat dinner, I convinced the family that we should get chinese for dinner. 
Post-dinner I will be falling into a blissful sleep, this has been such a long day.

Have a grand weekend!




  1. Lovely shoes! I'm loving all the bright colors in for spring right now! And I'm hoping for warmer weather where I am!

    And remembering to relax and have some fun is so important. I hope you've had a relaxing and exciting weekend!

    xo, gina

  2. those shoes are soooo cute!


  3. I couldnt get IN to the River...bored the crap outta me lol! But love the shoes!!!


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