Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nearly Nautical

Hello fashionistas!
I told you all how I wore this outfit to the beach with new guy and I didn't get any outfit pictures, so I decided that I would be a cheater, cheater outfit repeater and wear it today.
Mainly because I wasn't functioning enough to be able to pick out an outfit! 
I definitely had more fun wearing this outfit the first time around. It was perfect for a picnic on the beach. 
At school it was just an outfit. Le sigh. 

Top & bracelet: New York and Company Capris, shoes, & earrings: Kohl's 

I'm in love with this sweater, it's so comfortable and flow-y. With dark wash capris and a pop of color in my flats I felt like chic sailor. Okay, well maybe I was nearly nautical. 
Or maybe I associate blue and white stripes with sailors, whatever. 
To keep with the stripes theme I added the new bracelet from NY & Co, plus my cool knotted earrings (which also remind me of sailors, knots = anchors). 

I would have curled my hair had I not hauled my booty out of bed at 7:45. Too late to curl, so I went with the natural straightness. I attempted to capture my eye makeup to put on here, but my camera wasn't cooperating. I'm going to do the same look again and try to get it to photograph correctly. 
My lipstick is Revlon Pink Velvet with their Lilac Pastel lipgloss layered over it. 

Yesterday I took a math test and aced it, 100%.
 I was extremely excited because I had neglected to study for it. Oopsies.
 After school I came home and soaked up some sun. It was a gorgeous day. Then I came in and did homework/study guides. 

I'm about to go lay outside again for an hour or so. Then hitting Target to get a few things for the Mom's birthday. 

Have a fabulous day!




  1. look how pretty you look wow your losing so much weight your looking amazing love the make up and your hair xox

  2. I like the blue and coral combination here!!

  3. nice lipstick!


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