Monday, April 9, 2012

Cheery Easter Brunch Outfit

Hello fashionistas!
For Easter the family and I went out to brunch at the Hyatt. I love going out on Easter because it is a great reason to get dressed up in adorable, cheery dresses. I did not waste this opportunity to whip out the hot pink dress that my Nana bought me a few months ago! I had been saving it for this exact occasion. 

Dress & bracelet: Belk Jacket: JCP Shoes: Aerosoles 

I love the pink shade of this dress. So bright and it makes quite a statement! The subtle textured polka dots make me extremely happy because of my polka dot obsession. I like the neckline of this dress because it's low enough to be feminine, but high enough that I don't have to wear a tank-top to avoid any unladylike situations! The ruffles are super cute, I'm glad that they didn't make the ruffles a different color; multicolored ruffles would've been too much! I wore it with my jean blazer because I thought it would be cold at brunch- it was! Paired with my favorite black wedges and classic silver bracelet. 

I kept my hair and makeup very simple. Went with my stand by neutral smokey eye with loads of mascara. 
I wore my hair straight because I didn't feel like curling it. It was super windy over the weekend and I didn't want to spend the time curling it for it to be all wind whipped.

I spent the day enjoying my final day of spring break with my best friend, Lily. Great way to end my break.
I promise I'll do a spring break snapshot post this week, many pictures to share with you all! It has been a fabulous spring break. Seriously dreading going back to school tomorrow. Can't I just sleep in and relax forever?




  1. what a pretty dress! you look so girly and fresh

  2. Love this color on you and your hair and makeup is gorgeous as always! Hope you are well Sweetie! Kiah

  3. I love your dress, such a great color pink.


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