Saturday, May 5, 2012

Haul Time

Hello fashionistas!
Sorry for being a wee bit missing this week. My life has been super hectic and stressful this week. I would have posted on Friday, when things finally slowed down, but I went out with my boyfriend to see The Fray play. The concert was really good, sadly didn't snap any pictures of the concert/what I wore. 
Any-who, I did a little shopping today and thought I'd whip out a quick post to share it with you guys!

My mom had to run into Petco and Ross was next door, so I ran in there for a few minutes. 
Walked away with this super cute Tommy Hilfiger bag and a few other items. Instead of ordering any of the Aldo bags I posted about I decided to get this. It's perfect for me and for summer! I love the pink and white mixed with a splash of red and the warm brown handles/piping are great. 

I needed another pair of black wedges because my Aerosoles were getting worn like nobody's business! 
So, I picked these up from Ross. Comfortable and a nice height. What's not to love? 

Randomly tried on this dress and decided that I had to have it! It hits right at my knees and ties in the back. 
I like that the back has a sassy little cut out. Will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this during the summer.This was also purchased at Ross. 

Next weekend I'm going to the wedding that I've been talking about for ages and I needed new black pumps to go with my dress. I can't wait to take outfit pictures that night to share with you all. These are from Kohl's. 

My all time favorite concealer was out, so I obviously had to repurchase! I actually had my dad do it for me because he was out at a conference all week in Las Vegas and was staying in the Venetian hotel and they have a Sephora about 2.5 seconds away, so I requested that he pick me up another concealer instead of buying me a souvenir. He said he showed the text to one of the assistants at the store and that they "went right to it" and he said he was "very impressed." Oh dad. I also requested a Las Vegas pen, but he forgot about that. 

I'm super exhausted, so I'm off to go curl up into my bed. 
I'm beaching it with the boyfriend tomorrow, can't wait! 

Loads of love!



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  1. Great haul love! and hahaha at your dad! Loved that little story! Enjoy tomorrow! <3


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