Sunday, April 1, 2012

Help Me Pick a Bag!

Hello fashionistas!

Last night I was doing a little online "window" shopping. Basically just drooling over new spring/summer accessories. I was on and found three purses that I really like. I can only buy one of them, so I need your help in choosing which one I should buy! 

First up is Aldo's "Giannitti" bag and it is $49.
 I like the fun summer-esque stripes that mix with the darker brown. I think that this bag would be a perfect carryall for summer. I kind of die when I imagine all of the great outfit opportunities this bag could give me...

Here's the second option. It's another Aldo bag and it is called "Whittiker White" and costs $55. 
It's not something that I would normally choose, but I like the yellow mixed with the nautical stripes, very contrasting. I think this bag would be very cute, but not as easy as choice 1 would be to mix with a bunch of outfits. It would be more of just a fun bag. 

My final possible purchase happens to also be an Aldo bag. This bag is named "Throndson" and a mere $25. I love the carefree butterflies on this bag and that they are all different colors. I think this would also be an easy carryall for spring and summer. With the myriad of colors in this bag it would be very easy to integrate into my wardrobe. On the downside, this bag is a lot more of a casual bag. I typically go for more structured purses. Maybe I need a change?

Basically, I need to hear your opinions! You guys know me and my style, which bag do you think would work best for me? Right now I'm leaning more towards choices 1 and 3. 

I'm off to go start making some headway on the enormous amount of laundry I have, workout, and hopefully catch some sun. Yesterday is was rainy all day and I decided to stay snug as a bug in my bed and read Baby Proof by Emily Giffin. I love it and will probably be done by the end of the day (I started it yesterday)..

Have a fabulous Sunday!




  1. I was thinking 1 or 3 for you too, but I'm leaning towards 3!

  2. I am loving the first bag, its so cute! x

  3. First one for sure! I love all three of them...but the first one has endless outfit options whereas the second one will kind of limit you. 3 could work with a lot too, but I love the shape of #1!

  4. I love the yellow of #2, but I'm obsessed with all bright colors right now, LOL. I can definitely see either #1 or #2 for you!

  5. Defntiiley 1 or 2. Sooo cute!

  6. Personally I like the yellow best, butterfly second!

  7. I love the third one. Like you said, its the perfect carry-all for summer. And it could double as the perfect beach bag ;)
    And a change from your normal structured bag is goood!


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