Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cobalt and Coral.

Hello fashionistas!
I have a quick outfit of the day to share with you all before I start working on some homework.

Sweater: Target Capris and tank-top: Kohl's Gladiators and necklace: Forever 21 

I have been trying to incorporate this coral colored necklace for quite awhile now, but it never looked quite right. I finally tried it on with this cardigan that I swiped from my sister and it meshed perfectly! I really wanted to color-block with the necklace and bright cobalt blue. I needed a break from heels, so I wore some blue gladiators. 

I kept my makeup and hair super simple. I'm really obsessed with this Hard Candy Fox in a Box blush in Hot Flash because it is the perfect peach color. Seriously, go check it out, it's the best, and very inexpensive. I layered Too Faced 'Who's Your Poppy?' over Hot Flash.

My pre-calculus test went really well, I got an A on it. I took my physics test today and it went pretty well. 
Tomorrow I don't have any tests/quizzes tomorrow. My boyfriend is coming in town for the 3 day (4 if you count Friday) weekend! I'm so excited, I've missed him.
What do you guys have planned for this weekend?




  1. Love the necklace!

  2. I love your color combo and those sandals are super cute!


    1. Thank you! Coral and cobalt are one of my favorite colors to color-block with!


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