Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Striped Color Blocking

Hello fashionistas!
I'm back with another outfit of the day to share with you all. I actually wore this to school today.

Dress: Kohl's Blazer: Target Shoes: Mootsie Tootsies Necklace: Lia Sophia Earrings: F21 

I woke up and I was in the mood for a dress, so I slipped on my jersey color-blocked striped dress from Kohl's. I added this boyfriend-esque blazer that I bought at Target for some structure. I felt like my ensemble need some shine, so I added a pop of metallic in with my shoes. I stole my mom's multicolored stone necklace because I wanted something with a few colors in it, but not too big.

I've become laaaaazy with my makeup. I literally only put on concealer, powder, blush/bronzer, mascara, and lipgloss. The worst part is that I have so much makeup that I feel like I've been neglecting! I need to get back into the eyeshadow swing of things. I've been wearing bright lips more than bold eyes lately. Do you guys go through less makeup phases? 

Tomorrow I have a pre-calculus test and I am going in early to get a little bit of help. 
I have a physics and a history test on Thursday. Oh school. 
What have you guys been up to?




  1. Love the colors in that dress on you. So pretty! And you make me think I need a navy blazer; they are so versatile.

  2. I love that dress its so pretty!



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