Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up.

Hello fashionistas!
Throughout this weekend I've snapped a few pictures and I wanted to share them with you all. 

I did some shopping at Kohl's and bought 2 new pairs of shoes. I found these Candie's cheetah loafers on sale for only $10. They were originally $50, so I was stoked. Loafers are a huge trend for fall/winter and I loved that they were in a cheetah print for a pop of pattern. 

I found these Simply Vera Vera Wang studded gladiator sandals. These were originally $60, but I got them on sale for a mere $12. Such a steal. 

This weekend my mom took me to visit my boyfriend at college while she went to visit family. 
I had the best time with him and I just wanted to share a a few of the pics we took together. I told him that when I was younger that I had an obsession with taking pictures in front of trees with branches that were split and I put my head in between them. After that story he insisted that we take a picture in front of a tree. 

Here's another picture of us. 
We went out to lunch and watched a movie. Then we walked around campus for a little while and then went and met up with my mom again. After that we all went out for dinner at Tijuana Flats. Right before we left we stopped by this place on campus called Midnight Cookies. You go in and pick what kind of cookies you want (they have really fun flavors) and then they bake them fresh to order. They were absolutely incredible. 
After that we headed home, which was sad! We'll see each other in about a week. 

This morning I woke up and worked out, did some laundry, and Skyped with my best friend. 
What have you all been up to this weekend? 




  1. I've been wanting to find leopard loafers (that's fun to say!) for a while! What a nice buy! I love Kohl's deals.

    I hope you have a fabulous week!

    xo, gina

  2. I love those leopard loafers. I've been having my eye on them recently. I really need to get a pair.

  3. I may have to see if my kohls has those cheetah shoes they are so cute and what a price! I love the pics of you and your boyfriend very cute couple :) Glad you got to visit him!

  4. Whoa you hit the jackpot with those steals! I love the loafers and you two look absolutely adorable together :)

  5. AH I love the shoes!! What a deal! You are going to love the leopard flats!


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