Friday, September 21, 2012

Wishing For...

Hello fashionistas!
I have not done a wishlist of clothing/makeup I'd like to have in awhile, so I thought I'd go ahead and do one. 

Lately I have become completely obsessed with leopard and or cheetah print, so I really want to have an animal print cardigan for fall. I think it would provide the perfect amount of sass to any ensemble. I found a few that I like. I would prefer to find one in brown and tan, but I cannot find one online. Eventually I'll find one in store and buy it. 

This cardigan is from Forever 21.

This cardigan is from Kohl's. 

Another thing that I've been wanting (not just for fall, but for a really long time) is a monogrammed initial necklace. I think they are so chic and they really add a personal element to any outfit. 

The final thing that I'm lusting after is the Urban Decay Vice palette. This palette is extremely beautiful. 
I don't really need another eyeshadow palette, but..... I really want it. 

Le sigh, it is too gorgeous. 

What are you guys lusting after? 

Today my boyfriend is coming into town for the weekend, I cannot wait to see him. Two weeks is too long! 
Have a fabulous weekend!




  1. I love animal print too. I'm wearing blue leopard flats today, but I'm really hoping to find just a basic black/brown pair of leopard flats for this fall. The pair I have is falling apart.

  2. I love the necklace I want one now too haha!


  3. sweet one, i really loved the monogram earrings from


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