Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ins and Outs #15

Hello fashionistas!
I'm sorry for being a little missing in action these past couple of days. School has been super busy and the boyfriend came home over the weekend. 
I realized that I had not done an ins and outs post in awhile, so I decided that I would do another one. 


1.) I have recently fallen in love with making my hair in waves with a mini straightener, teasing it, and then putting it up. The waves add a little bit of texture to the hair do and it is more interesting than just a basic ponytail. 

2.) Has anyone else been watching the Real Housewives of Miami? That show has been heating up! If you guys don't already know, I really love Bravo reality shows. #addicted. 

3.) In other show news, Revenge has also been really good. I love love love that show! 

4.) I'm loving the color burgundy. I just bought a corduroy Calvin Klein blazer in burgundy. Can't wait to post an outfit of the day with you all! 

5.) I have been listening to Say You're Sorry by Sara Bareilles on repeat for days! It's just a good song and her voice is beautiful. 


1.) Dear Florida, I am ready for cool weather please get rid of the heat. I have a plethora of sweaters that I'm ready to wear! 

2.) I am the absolute worst packer. I feel like I always try to consolidate the amount I pack, but I never really can. I am packing tonight because I am going up to visit my best friend (who moved 4 states away) tomorrow! That's not the out, the out is the fact that I'm a horrible packer. 

Alright, I'm off to continue packing and do some homework.

Will post soon!
Love you guys!



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