Monday, December 10, 2012

Mini Life Update

Hello fashionistas!
Sorry for not posting over the weekend. My birthday was on Saturday and I was busy having a good time with friends and family. I had to say goodbye to my best friend on Sunday because she had to fly back home. I miss her so much! On Sunday I spent the day around my house after driving my best friend to the airport. That afternoon I met up for a coffee with a friend. That evening I went out and played pool with my boyfriend. 
Today was just another manic Monday. So many tests and quizzes that I had to makeup because I missed school on Friday. I have to go in tomorrow morning and makeup a Shakespeare quiz. My boyfriend, Toby, had his wisdom teeth taken out today, so I went over after school and took care of him. Soup, milkshakes, and pain medicine! Poor boy. Will be doing that again tomorrow afternoon! 
I just wanted to give you guys a mini life update, I will post pictures from my birthday sometime this week!

Hope all is well!
Loads of love!



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