Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sushi Night LBD

Hello fashionistas!
I wanted to share an outfit that I wore out for sushi with my girl, Jenna, the other night!

Dress: Kohl's Shoes: Payless Necklace: Local shop on Mackinac Island, Michigan Earrings: Forever 21 

Things I do best include but are not limited to: spending too much time at the gym when I should be at home getting ready to go out, taking quick showers when running late, hurriedly relying on basics with accessories for a night out, making other people braid my hair..

All of the above happened before going out for sushi at one of my favorite restaurants, Pacific Asian Bistro. 
I kept my ensemble simple with a LBD. I believe that all girls should own at least 2-3 LBDs because they are the best canvases for a wide variety of looks! You can dress them down with sandals, dress them up with heels, add a blazer when it's cold, and the greatness just goes on and on. I added a drop necklace made out of heated turquoise, amethyst, and pearl. 

My mom's bestie was over and she french braided my hair for me. I'm inept at braiding, so I love when other people braid my hair! Bonus was that I didn't have to blow dry my hair AND I woke up with soft waves. Winner winner, chicken dinner. 

Post dinner bathroom selfies. We classy. 
Sorry for the poor pic quality! 

I ordered chicken pad thai aka my love. Trust me I did not even eat a third of this; I had leftover pad thai the next night for dinner. 

Sweet potato sushi roll is probably one of my favorite sushi rolls e v e r. They take the sweet potato quick fry it in tempura and then roll it in rice. It is delicious. I went back a few nights later and got the same thing. Yes, I have a problem. No, I do not plan on fixing it.

Today I went to the gym with Lily for two hours. We did cardio, leg machines, and arm machines. It was great, but I am already feeling stiff! I plan on doing a workout post soon.
Hope you're well!




  1. You look stunning, Savannah! Loving the LBD! I found one a Kohl's too that I love. I also just went there today and found another dress that' black and white.

    Can't wait for your workout post!

    xo, gina

    1. Aw, thank you, Gina! I went to Kohl's yesterday and bought a few things! (:
      Will definitely get the workout post before I leave for vacation on Wednesday.

  2. pretty dress!

  3. Your hair is so cool Savannah! I totally wish I was that talented to do a french braid on myself. You look lovely in that dress. So pretty! xo

    1. Hah, me too, my mom's friend braided it for me! Thank you!


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