Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award Take 2!

Hey girlies I was awarded by the lovely Steph at

The rules of this award are:
1. Share 7 things about yourself.2. Pass the award onto a few bloggers who you have recently discovered.3. Let these blogs know that you have awarded them the Versatile Blogging Award
My 7 things:

1. I am starting high school this year (and I'm slightly terrified.)

2. I don't like sticky things like tape or stickers, strange I know.

3. I am a proud owner of a snuggie! I had wanted one for months and my Aunt Chrissy gave one to me for my birthday, I was so excited!

4. I like to shop sales, example: I won't buy VS boyfriend sweats unless they are on sale.

5. I quit drinking soda, it gives me a stomach ache.

6. I have this annoying habit where I have to look at the makeup selection in every store I go to!

7. I can't sleep with my closet doors open because once I watched a Criminal Minds episode where some person hid in this girls closet and then killed her. You would think this would make me want to sleep with it open but no it's closed! I watched this episode like months ago and it has still affected me! Yeah very stange.

Bloggers I award:
1. Makeup Savvy

2. Lulu
3. Shineyglam



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  1. Thanks for this award. Its unexpected so im totally glad. i'll be claiming it and will be doing a post the next time on this award, but i gotta figure out who will be the next awardees. Thank you sooooo much!



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