Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The 4 Things Tag

Hello girlies, 3 posts in one day, wow this is ridiculous!

I was tagged by the lovely *StarsGlitterMagic* This is her blog :

So here is the tag!

4 things in my bag/purse
1. little separate pouches for different things.
2. my cellphone
3. lots of makeup (did that even have to be mentioned!)
4. a book

4 things found in my purse
1. wallet
2. pen/mini notebook
3. oil blotting sheets
4. hand sanitizer
The things above are what are also in my purse because school doesn't start until the 23rd so no school bag right now!

4 favourite things in my room
1. my full length mirror, 5 bucks at walmart my mom and I customized it with ribbon(:
2. pictures of my friends and family
3. blankets
4. my closet!
4 things i've always wanted to do
1. learn to speak another language (which I will be taking French at school for the next two years)
2. be a stylist
3. travel to France
4. take a cosmetology class (also will be taking for my elective at school this year!)

4 things i'm currently into
1. my blog
2. working out
3. nail polish
4. wraps instead of sandwhiches

4 things i bet you didn't know about me
1. i bit my nails down to wear it hurt, acrylics helped me stop it!
2. i am blinder then a bat without my glasses
3. i secretly like school
4. i am very sociable, and like to meet new people.

4 songs i can't get out of my head
1. I Nearly Lost You- Screaming Trees
2. Showdown- Black Eyed Peas (or BEP as I refer to them!)
3. I am Not a Robot- Mariana and the Diamonds
4. Dangerous and Sweet- Lenka

I Tag:
1. Tara
2. Christine
3. Dolled Up Girl
4. Jennifer

once tagged you must link the person who tagged you
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let the bloggers know they have been tagged
give 4 answers to each question asks




  1. hey, i finish! thanks for tagging me =D

  2. hey girl, i awarded you the versatile blogger award over on my page! :)

  3. thanks so much for doing this =) and good luck learning your other language next year! xx

  4. @ Tara- your welcome(:

    @ Steph- Awww thanks!

    @ *Starsglittermagic*- Your welcome(: and I hope it isn't too difficult, because I can't switch out!

  5. you where wondering how i got my photos in a quad? when you load you pictures try and adjust the size to small or med depending on your blog length, i hope that helps if it doesn’t, let me know =)

  6. Thanks, I'll try that next time.


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