Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Favorites

Hey dolls, I know this is so cliche but.. November went by so fast!
Here's what I've been loving for the past month.

ELF Studio Bronzer in Warm Bronzer♥
ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion♥
ELF Contouring and Blush duo (I've only been using the bronzer)♥
ELF Cream Liner in Black♥
ELF Studio blush brush♥
CO. Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lipshine♥
Sleek Original Palette (I've been using the 2nd to last color in the top row for a pop of color on my bottom lashes)♥
Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Sweet as Candy (The first two colors, not so much the bottom)♥
LA Colors Palette in Traditional♥

I've been using the ELF Studio Bronzer to warm up my face everyday.
I've used the Pink Passion blush a lot this month, towards the end of the month I started using some other blushes but this was used most of the month.
I haven't used the blush part of the contouring and blush duo but, I have used the contouring side EVERYDAY.
I just started using the ELF cream liner and it's quite comparable to Stila's smudge pots. One of these days I'll get around to doing a comparison.
The ELF blush brush is amazing. You need it in your life.
I love the CO. Bigelow gloss, it's super glossy and makes my lips so shiny. People at school are always saying how glossy my lips are.
The only color I've been using from the Sleek palette a lot this month is in the 1st row 2nd to the last. I've been using it on my outer corner on my bottom lashes line. It's a great pop of color.
This month I have used the white shade in the Wet n' Wild trio for a highlight almost everyday. The brown shade works for a great crease color, dark but not too dark.
Did you guys notice how the LA Colors palette made it in my favorites again? Well it did! I've been using more than just the two colors I used last month. I've hit a bit of pan on one of the colors. These are really great quality for how inexpensive they are.

Here's the non-makeup things I used a lot last month.


Black Amethyst perfume from Bath and Bodyworks♥
Aussie Mega Hairspray♥
Helen of Troy curling iron♥
ELF Smoky Brown nail polish♥

I'm not even going to try to explain the smell of Black Amethyst, I'm horrible at that!
I've been using this hairspray daily, it gives a great hold but my hair isn't crunchy. After curling my hair with the Helen of Troy curling iron I just flip my head upside down and spray the hairspray all over and then flip back up and adjust my hair. It gives me more volume.
I've been using this curling iron a lot! I go to sleep with my hair wet from the shower and in braids and then I take the braids out spray a heat protectant on my hair and use this iron to get the curls I've had for the past couple of outfit of the day posts.
ELF Smoky Brown nail polish has made its way onto my nails multiple times this month. Such a pretty, creamy shade.

That's all for my favorites!




  1. Yayy for Sleek! Hehe. I'd love to see a comparison or review post on the e.l.f cream liner. I've been debating getting one for awhile now. =)

  2. yay! i love seeing people's favorites :) I haven't tried any of these, but the pink passion blush looks soooo pretty :))

    xo, gina

  3. I have an e.l.f. blush and bronzer I used most of november, too! :D
    Love the shade of the nail polish! Have you done a NOTD on this one on here somewhere? :)


  4. That e.l.f. nailpolish looks great! :) I'd love to see what it looks like on you!

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

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