Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smoky Brown Polish Review/NOTD

Hello dolls!
I have a little review/NOTD of Elf's Smoky Brown polish. No I was not sent this nor am I being paid to review this. I just really like this polish and a few people requested to see a NOTD with it.

*Image taken from E.L.F. website*
This is the image shown on the site, I must say that in real life this looks nothing like it. It shows up WAY more grey on the site and in real life it's way more brown.

This is very true to color in real life. It's much more of a brown with a bit of grey. On other blogger's reviews they said this was a 'greige' (grey beige) color. I feel as if it is more of brey (brown grey, hehe).
It's a really great creme polish.

I've had it on for over two days and it hasn't chipped. I used 2 coats and a top coat. I'm really rough on my nails and being in pottery makes my polish chip all of the time so I'm impressed that this had held up.
I actually got a couple of compliments on this polish.

This picture I just took before doing this post, so this polish has gone through two days of pottery class!

Overall Ratings

Price: 5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Would I re-purchase? Yes I would. I think next I make an ELF order I will probably buy another one.

Now for a side ramble!
I'm super excited for tomorrow, it's my 15th birthday! Which means I am technically legal to get my permit but, I probably won't get it until January because I haven't had any time to study for the test.
Tonight I'm going to my best friend's winter guitar concert.

That's about it!




  1. I have and love that polish too!
    And oh my god! I didn't know this whole time that you were only 14! You look older and you are mature for your age (a good thing!) :)

  2. This polish is a lot darker on than it looks in the photo! I really love the greige look - I have Rimmel's Steel Grey and it is pretty close to this one! :)

  3. @ Jennifer- Haha, yeah a LOT of people say that! And thank you!

    @ Shaylee Anne- I have the Rimmel one but it doesn't look good on my skintone. I think this is more brown and that one is more grey.


  4. Um, yes I think you had a typo there.
    Did you mean Smoky Bear? :)

  5. Happy Birthday!

    The test for a permit isn't too difficult. A little study and you should ace it, easily. :)

  6. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear Savannah
    happy birthday to Youuuuu!!!!!

    xo xo

    I love this greige colour. I have nails inc. jermyn street love it and looks pretty close to this.

    ♥ Ra

  7. @ LIly- you know it! When I said that in government we just about lost it!

    @ Ice Queen- Thank you! I'm hoping so!

    @Ramona- Thank you so much! You're too sweet!



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