Monday, January 10, 2011

Blazer, Bows, and Chains.

Hey fashionistas,
this past week was a good outfit week!
I literally had 5 outfit of the day posts, which I quite like being able to put up!
Oh and I wore this on Friday.

Shirt: Kohls (Elle for Kohls)
Tanktop: Kohls
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt
Shoes: Payless
Ring: ? I'm pretty sure I picked this up at Wal Mart when we ran in there to pick up bread and couple of other things. Although I'm not sure.

Oh the nail polish is Wet n' Wild's 'Wild Card'. You can see it here.

Tomorrow is the first day of finals! I have my French final and my biology final.
I'm nervous about my biology, geometry, and government finals.
The others should be pretty easy.




  1. That outfit is REALLY pretty! You are gorgeous :)

    (and that RING! :O * die from lovelyness *


  2. Not to sound rude or anything but you look like you lost some weight. And you look awesome :D:D
    You look so much healthier and confident and I love that xxx

  3. I love the blazer! You look really good :)
    And good luck on your exams, I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors!

  4. I love those chains!!! And the bow ring is adorable.

  5. I like that top with chains and bow ring is so cute!
    You look so pretty!

    xo Ra

  6. Super cute ring and I love the blazer and nail polish!


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