Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday Poll, Posted on Tuesday!

Hey fashionistas,
I have the typical Monday poll for you, except I'm scheduling it to be posted on Tuesday.

This is basically what this week will be, all studying!

1. Mood:

Good, I'm feeling pretty confident about my exams tomorrow (or today when you see this). Let's hope that it works out well!

2. Pressing beauty issue o’ the moment?

Well I'm feeling like my forehead is breaking out, only you can't tell. I guess when you have a 8x magnifying mirror you can see a lot of skin imperfections!
Also I fee like my eyebrows are thinning, what the heck man?!

3. Pajama Jeans: yea or nay?

Nay, but seriously I have to wonder about those.. Every time the commercial comes on I make a comment about wanting them, although I don't really.

4. Things you always seem to be doing:

Blogging, talking, studying, singing (badly), making comments, laughing, putting on lipgloss/chapstick.

5. One positive thing you’re doing today to make your life a little better?

I've told myself that I will do find on my exams that I have tomorrow, I refuse to flip out. I just keep chanting this..
Oh and I went for a walk, which always puts me in a good mood.

6. Something on your shopping lust list?

Well I want a couple (a lot) of MAC shadows. Like nocturnelle, carbon, brule, all that glitters, woodwinked.

7. Last movie you watched?

Craigslist Killer (Lifetime), it was scary! I made my best friend Ethan stay up and text me because I was scared! Can you say dork much? (:

8. Last person you smiled at?

My dad after he finished quizzing me for my biology exam.

9. Outfit:

Grey damask pj pants (not jeans!), black v-neck, VS Pink jacket.
No makeup because I already showered!

10. Weekly goals:

Pass all of my exams! That's really ALL that's on my mind this week.
Tomorrow I have French then biology, Wednesday I have English and Pottery, and Thursday I have Government and Geometry (barffff). I found out that I actually have a 84% in geometry, so all I need to get on the exam is a low C to maintain a B. I just want a B for my report card grade!
Oh and since my pottery class is a 6/7 block I don't have an exam on Friday, so I don't have to go to school!
And next Monday is MLK day and Tuesday is a teacher planning day so I have a 5 day weekend!
Whoot- whoo!

Hope all is well!
Thanks for all of your sweet comments, they mean a lot to me!



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