Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teal, Black, and Curls

Hello fashionistas!
I though I would share what I wore today with you all.
My mom is away visiting her family, so photo props go to Nana, thanks Nan!
Also, this is my hundred and one outfit post! 

Sorry for the strange smiles in the upclose pics. Not sure what was going on with my mouth! 
Also, sorry for looking extremely pale, macro was on. I like macro the most, even if it does make me look pale.

Top: JCP Jeans: GV Blazer: Kohls Shoes: Target

I raided mom's closet today and borrowed this shirt. Thanks mom..
I thought the teal would look great with the blazer, so I just needed to borrow it. 
The metal grommets on it caused me to forgo any accessories, which is a very rare thing for me to do. 
Today was the first chilly day down here in FL, so I opted to curl my hair. 

For my makeup I channeled my inner Rachel Zoe, aka my idol. I love her! Dark lipstick, subtle flush to the cheeks, mascara, and liner on the bottom lashline. Super easy.

While I was comfortable in my blazer, half of the school decided to wear parkas/sweatshirts. Floridians are so annoying about the cold, they act like it's below zero. I kid you not, I'm walking outside to a class and some guy said "man it's like negative degrees out here, I'm freezing!" It was literally only 65 degrees. I silently started cracking up. 

School is going pretty well. Grades are due on Tuesday. As of now it looks like I'm going to have all As and one B in chemistry. On the history test I took last week I got a 98% , which I was extremely pleased about!
All of my other classes are going well, chemistry is just tough. I'm happy with a B in it, because it's a weighted class it will still be worth 3.5 points (GPA). All of my other weighted classes should cancel out the B. 

Any-who, I'm off to go do homework. If I want to keep my grades up, I have to work for it! 

Lots of love!




  1. I love your curls! That is so funny about your friends and the weather. My friend and I were on this random funny pictures website and there was one that showed a guy in the fall wearing a parka in 40 degree weather, and then in the spring wearing shorts in 40 degree weather. LOL. Today was 45 here and I was FREEZING!
    Anyway, a B in chem is fantabulous! I think any passing grade is great for that class, haha. :)

  2. Arent you so damn gorgeous!!! You are! you are! you are!!

  3. You are so pretty in teal!! I love your hair like this! I miss raiding my momma's closet! haha Kiah

  4. Ohhhh you should do curls more often so cute on you! I am in love with the teal on black combo!

    great outfit ;)


  5. I love this outfit! Your style/ you look like Hillary Kerr. She is the co-founder of who what wear. I wanted to say that a few days ago but I forgot who I thought you looked like! LOL Anyways I also liked your shoe post, I like to do things like that when I'm in rut too!


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