Friday, November 25, 2011

Ins and Outs #8

Hello beautiful dolls!
Due to the fact that I've been sick I have not had any outfits worth picturing. 
Instead of just not posting for a few days, I thought I would do an ins and outs post.
I have not done one in a month, so it's due time! 


1.) Berry lips! Okay, so maybe not literally berries in my mouth lip pictures, but this picture pretty much described what I meant. I wish I was daring enough to buy a true purple berry lip color, I'm leaning more towards "cranBERRY" lips. Still berry-esque. I think winter just makes me want to wear more bold lip colors.

2.) One Tree Hill. I started watching it a couple of months ago on Netflix, I quickly became hooked. I love the show and I love the cast -hello, hottie Chad Michael Murray! I'm glad I didn't watch it when it was live, possibly because I was only 8 when it first started, but more because I could not have waited each week for a new episode. I'm addicted. If you haven't watched it then I highly suggest you should. Once I'm done with this I'm going to have to find another series to watch on Netflix. Watching an episode or two before I go to sleep is so relaxing. 

3.) This next in is a bit strange, but I figured I'd throw it on in here. International Delight's Almond Joy creamer. It's the most delicious coffee creamer ever! A bit of sweet with smidgen of coconut. I HIGHLY suggest you all try it!


4.) I'm enjoying doing do it yourself projects. Or at least coming up with ideas for DIY projects! After making my galaxy shirts (I made a few), I've been looking for more unique projects to tackle. The next one I want to do is make a fabric braided necklace or bracelet. I'm thinking about doing it this weekend.

5.) My 16th birthday is almost here! 12 days and counting until I'm "sweet sixteen", although I won't be getting a car. Nor will I be getting my license until at least June. I slacked off for six months on getting my permit. I knew I wasn't getting a car for the big one six, so I wasn't all that motivated to get it last year!
My dad and I are going to take a daddy daughter trip come spring break to NYC for my birthday, exciting!

Also, how cute is this makeup cake? Adorable!


1.) I'm hating the weather in Florida. While everyone else is experiencing the fall/winter I'm experiencing 80 degrees. To keep me happy the weather will 'plummet' down into the 50s for a few days and I start to get that happy winter feel. That feeling doesn't last long because it then shoots back up to the 70s. What the heck Florida, please just stay cool for a little while. I beg you.

2.) Being sick! This is truly an out because my antibiotics are starting to kick in and I'm on the mend.

That's about all I have to say my beauties!
Lots of love and have a happy weekend!




  1. Yesss! Plum lips are a must this season :)

    and wow, NYC you will have to tell me when so we can squeeze in a shopping session.

    Love how cute that cake is 12 days till sweet 16, how sweet is that!

    Sadly, I've lost track of One Tree Hill, it used to be a favorite of mine :(


  2. No way! I just started watching OTH on Netflix too! What episode are you on? Maybe we can watch & talk about it together :)

    The berry lips trend is cool, too. Such a pretty color for the fall and winter time! Though I have to get used to weather in the South, too, since it's about 75 degrees where I am too.

    Missed your blog so much, Savannah! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    xo, gina

  3. I'm a fan of berry lips as well!And OTH as well!
    Hope you get better soon girl!

  4. I hope you feel better Sweetie! I love that lipstick! Kiah

  5. oh my i LOVE one tree hill!! without a doubt my fav show of all time! :) its so sad that the last season is coming up :(


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