Friday, November 18, 2011

Monotones of Blues

 Hello fashionistas!
I put together this little outfit last weekend. Mom and I ran some errands and shopped. 

Sweater: JcPenny Chambray: Vintage Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt Shoes: Payless Necklace: Forever 21 

I like the way the chambray top just peeks out of the bottom of the sweater and the color comes out of the sweater. To add a little bit of sweetness to this outfit I chose my heart bow locket necklace. Too coordinate with the necklace and blue tones I went with my trusty, old, silver studded flats.

I paired this with simple makeup. Brown eyeliner on the bottom, loads of mascara, and a berry lipstick.

I'm pre-writing this post, so when you all read this I'll be with my best friend Lily. Casual end of the week sleepover! Saturday is the marking of the "Nights of Lights" downtown, so we plan on walking down and getting hot cocoa with some other friends. 

Have a splendid weekend!




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