Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stripes and Snood

Hello fashionistas!
I thought I'd show you all what I wore to school on Monday.

Top: Vintage Jacket: Jones New York/Costco Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt Shoes: Payless Bracelet: Forever 21 Scarf: made by my mom

 There was a bit of a chill in the air and it was misting throughout the day. I opted for my "snood"; my continuous circle scarf. I thought the black jacket and grey scarf needed a pop of color and pattern, so I went with this classic blue and white striped shirt. This is one of my favorite jackets, whenever I wear it I feel like has a motorcycle rider vibe. Maybe that's just me; my secret rebellious, motorcycle riding alter ego breaking through! 

I thought I'd share my school picture with you all.
This was before my bob cut.

Yesterday at High Q practice we played boys vs girls and us girls kicked some serious booty! I was quite proud of us. Today we had a our match and we lost extremely badly. Seriously disappointing, even though the team we played was the best team in our county. Oh well. 

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, not looking forward to that!

Have a lovely day!




  1. This outfit is very slimming! Love that jacket and scarf/snood! Your school pic is gorg! Mine was like "WHOOF"!! lol Kiah

  2. you look amazing did you lose weight you look great !!!

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  3. OMG!! You do look small!! And you and your school picture are GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Hi Savannah! I am a new follower of your blog... hope you will visit my blog & follow as well! The scarf is really cute & the school pic is adorable!

    BTW, I know what u mean about the dentist! I absolutely HATE going to the dentist! Wish u luck!


  5. You better work! You are looking so slim and that hair is trim <33


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