Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Hello fashionistas!
As promised, here is my homecoming 2011 post!
I went with my best friend Lily, Kali, Asia, and Isabella. We had a really fun time! 
Here are some of pictures we took. 

 Dress: Jones New York Shoes: Nine and Co from JCP Earrings: Mom's 

Dress: Ross Shoes: Payless Earrings: her mom's 

Lily and I both went for black dresses with a pop of color in the shoes. Seen as the theme was "neon nights" I chose bright blue, suede heels. 

My eye makeup. I wish I could remember what I had used, but I don't really recall what it was. 

Lily's eye makeup, again sorry I don't remember what I used on her!

The ticket. 

 All of us girls! 

Left to right: Asia, Isabella, Kali, Lily, and yours truly! 
Anyone else find it hysterical how Lily manages to STILL tower over us in flats while we all had on high heels? I'm so envious of her height. 

Best friends until the end! 

My mom♥

My sister and I with Lily and her sister. 

After the many pictures were taken (we must have taken over a 100 pictures) we went out to dinner at a local seafood restaurant. Then we went to homecoming. Danced it up and had some good laughs. All in all it was pretty grand night! 

I hope you all had a great weekend!




  1. Looking absolutely gorgeous, girl!! Love the blue pop in your heels and your eye shadow was super pretty too!!


  2. Beautiful. I love the blue shoes.


  3. Your little sister is so cute and you look absolutely gorgeous!!




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