Friday, March 30, 2012

Vibrant Purple Punch.

Hello fashionistas!
Another outfit of the day to share with you all. I wore this to school yesterday. 
My mom bought this top as a Christmas present and I just wore it for the first time (I was saving it)! 
Do you guys save things to wear? I like to slowly integrate new pieces. I don't like to wear it all at once. 
My mom is constantly like "You have infinity pieces that you have yet to wear and they still have all the tags on!" This is not true,  I have maybe 3-5 items that have yet to be worn in my closet.  

Top: gift, but I'm pretty sure it was from Marshalls Blazer: New York and Company Capris: Kohl's Shoes: Belk Earrings: F21 Lipstick: Revlon Colorburst lipstick in 030 Fuschia 

My favorite thing about this top is the neckline. I like the way to elegantly curves on my shoulders. I also like how it's banded at the bottom, but is flow-y above it. The material is made to appear slightly wrinkled, which I think works with the vibrant purple color. I like the contrast between the perfectly bright white blazer with the gemlike color of the top. I paired it with my favorite capris (seriously, these are the best pair of pants ever). Can I get them in cobalt blue? That would make my day if Dockers made them in that color!
 I had tried it on with my pencil skirt, but I decided that the pants were better. 
Went for my pointed toe kitten heels to complete the look. 

Close up of the neckline. 

Hair and makeup was super, super simple. For hair all I did was pull back majority of my hair, slightly push it upwards, and clip it. Then I used a mini straightener to curl my bangs and a few tendrils around my face. 
The main component of my makeup was my Revlon Fuschia lipstick! I  honestly don't know how I survived prior to owning this lipstick. It's a wham-bam punch of color that makes you look put together instantly. 
All I had on my eyes was mascara. Very easy!

Today is the start of my spring break, wooo-hooo! 
Sadly I have to start it off in a MRI machine, but that shouldn't be for too long. 

Have a fabulous Friday, will post later this weekend!



PS: On a random note, I'm totally obsessed with this song I heard on One Tree Hill. It's called "Everything is Brilliant" by Rosi Golan. 
Check it out! 


  1. Beautiful!!! I love the blazer!!! and the top!

  2. the detail on the top is beautiful x

  3. How was I not following you before now? Your blog is adorable.

    And I love the white blazer with the purple top. So pretty.

  4. I love jewel-toned shades of purple like this! And that neckline is great- you don't even need to wear a necklace with it. I also need to check out that Revlon lipstick, it looks so gorgeous on you. Is it one of the ColorBurst shades? I love those!


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