Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Simply Simple

Hello fashionistas!
I'm back with another outfit to show you all. I actually wore this like 2 weeks ago, slacking. Honestly I thought it was such a simple outfit that I wasn't sure if I wanted to share. I decided to anyways, I can't get all dolled up every single day! My easy days consist of simple tops and usually flats (gotta give my feet a break from all of the heels!).

Blouse: Target Capris, belt, & shoes: Kohl's Bag: Ivanka Trump Earrings and tank-top: Forever 21

If I don't belt this top it has more of a boho vibe, but the belt really cinches the waist in. The pattern on the belt makes it appear that I put more thought into this look than I actually did! Rocked the favorite capris (I really need to buy another pair)... Paired with my new favorite flats for a tiny pop of color, these shoes were such a good buy! I love this Ivanka Trump bag, I just hate the fact that the cream color picks up the dye from my jeans. The back of the bag has a slight blue tint, which drives me i n s a n e! 
I stole these earrings from my mom, she bought them and never wore them. They made a casual trip to my room and told me that they didn't want to take a return trip. 

I just did the same braid updo that I did in this post . It has quickly become my easy updo. 

Yesterday the best friend and I went on a mini road trip. Her sister had a softball clinic and we ended up hitting the mall. New guy met up with us; the softball clinic happened to be at the college he goes to (how lucky for moi)! Maybe at the end of the week you all will get to see some spring break snapshots, including new guy. He comes home on Friday, can't wait to see him again. 
Anyways, here's what I picked up at the mall. Nothing too exciting. I also practiced major self control and didn't drag Lily and new guy into Sephora. Mainly because I knew the new Too Faced Summer Eye Palette wasn't in-store yet! 

Okay, I'm off to go start my day. Promised the momma that I'd help her clean. 
Tomorrow I have my neurology appointment to see the results of the MRI, crossing my fingers that everything is a-okay. 




  1. slightly intrigued by "new guy" and once again, a lovely outfit! x

  2. look how great you look every time I visit you blog you look thinner and thinner you go girl !!!

  3. I can't wait to (possibly) see pictures of "new guy"- and a new, older guy at that! So excited for you. :) As always, you look amazing, and this boy better know how lucky he is!


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